Agribusiness & Food

Agribusiness & Food

Successful Long Term Track Record of Investment

Since 1998 Olympus Capital has made numerous successful investments in this sector, across multiple markets and subsectors. Olympus targets Agribusiness & Food as a priority sector and devotes significant resources to continually deepen its expertise in this sector, including building a team of dedicated industry specialists and forming partnerships with industry leading players across Asia. Olympus believes the favorable demand dynamics and changing consumer preferences in the Agribusiness & Food sector in Asia make it a highly attractive area for investment. We seek to leverage our substantial Agribusiness & Food investment team to create as well as to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities.   

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In a Unique Position to Add Value to Asia-Based Agribusiness & Food Companies

Olympus Capital Asia has a long track record of partnering with management and other investors to create shareholder value in the Agribusiness & Food vertical. Our sector knowledge and substantial network of industry contacts, including potential strategic partners, customers, suppliers and advisors, differentiates us. Our sector expertise allows us to evaluate business models, perform targeted, timely due diligence and add tangible value to portfolio companies, such as by assisting in recruiting high impact members of the management team and introducing strategic partners, customers and suppliers. One of Olympus’ key roles is partnering with management teams to help them achieve their goals and accelerate their growth plans. 

Investment Criteria 

We understand the key opportunities as well as the major challenges in this industry and have the ability to invest in a wide range of deal sizes and structures. Olympus has made multiple investments in previous Agribusiness companies that have ranged from US$30 million to US$450 million and from minority to majority ownership.

Olympus Capital Asia seeks to invest in companies that are well positioned to benefit from the growth and changing trends in the Agribusiness & Food sector. Our key investment criteria include:

  • Agribusiness & Food companies focused on the Asia region

  • Strong growth potential

  • Proven business model and track record

  • Equity investment size of at least US$30 million, with Olympus Capital Asia having the capability to fund significantly larger transactions

  • Governance: Actively participants through Board representation and other governance rights to help companies execute on a successful growth strategies

  • Ownership: Can range from minority to majority ownership

For potential opportunities to partner with us in the Agribusiness & Food industry, please contact us.

"We developed a relationship with Olympus Capital and chose them as our lead investor due to the firm’s deep agriculture investing experience and proven track record of creating shareholder value in this sector. We wanted to add a partner who could create value beyond the capital invested. We are very pleased to have Olympus Capital as our investor and partner."

- Charles Shao, Chairman and Founder of Huaxia Dairy

"Since investing in Huaxia Dairy, Olympus has added value in a number key initiatives including recruiting a new CEO and CFO, assisting in developing the company’s expansion strategy, enhancing reporting and governance and negotiating with key strategic partners and customers. The Huaxia and Olympus teams work together on a weekly basis to address these items."

- Charles Shao, Chairman and Founder of Huaxia Dairy

"Olympus Capital identified the investment opportunity in the China vegetable cultivation and processing business before most other investors were considering investing in the China agriculture sector. Because of their focus on agriculture, we identified Olympus as an ideal long-term partner for China Minzhong. Olympus was a very valuable partner to us."

- Lin Guo Rong, Chairman and CEO of China Minzhong

"Olympus added value in several key areas including enhancing financial reporting and governance, assisting the company in raising debt financing to fund growth, introducing international strategic partners and customers and preparing for and successfully executing our Singapore IPO."

- Lin Guo Rong, Chairman and CEO of China Minzhong

"Olympus Capital worked closely with us to develop a global strategic plan that identified gaps in our global product portfolio and distribution footprint and to help us execute on over $600 MM of acquisitions to fill those gaps. They were also very helpful in helping us identify and recruit high quality senior executives to lead our operations across the world. Our partnership with Olympus Capital was a key reason why we were able to grow the company significantly and transform Arysta into a leading global agrochemical player within five years."

- Dr. Chris Richards, Chairman of the Board of Directors (and former CEO), Arysta LifeScience Corp.