Environmental & Clean Energy

Environmental & Clean Energy

A Fast Growing and Attractive Industry Sector

Olympus Capital Asia believes that in the longer term, clean energy will occupy a growing role in Asia’s energy markets and will continue to gain government support. More cost effective forms of renewable energy such as wind, hydropower, biomass and waste-to-energy continue to grow, as do environmental services and equipment companies in areas such as water and waste treatment, energy efficiency and pollution control. These industries are experiencing strong long-term growth as increasing public awareness and government regulation begin to focus attention on Asia’s significant environmental and natural resource challenges.

Companies in the clean energy and environmental domains, even successful ones, need a fair amount of operational and strategic support. Olympus Capital Asia’s strengths can be brought to bear in helping environmental sector companies, including management additions and restructuring, domestic consolidation, diversification into new strategic businesses and regionalization and international joint ventures.

Dedicated Asia Environmental Platform with Significant Industry Expertise and Experience

Recognizing the significant opportunity in this sector, we made our first environmental investment in 2005. After several subsequent investments in the sector, in 2008 Olympus Capital Asia decided to sponsor a dedicated vehicle focusing exclusively on environmental and clean energy investments in Asia, Asia Environmental Partners (“AEP”). AEP is one of the first funds in Asia dedicated to the environmental sector and has successfully built a specialized investment team and franchise in Asia, leveraging Olympus Capital’s regional platform.

Olympus Capital Asia has a dedicated team of investment professionals and Senior Advisors focused on environmental and clean energy. The team has significant environmental sector operating and investment experience, with prior experience at global and Asia-based industry leading institutions. To date, we have successfully completed transactions in the hydropower, water and waste water treatment, water supply, waste-to-energy, wind and carbon sectors.

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Investment Criteria

We focus on companies with an established revenue and profitability track record and experienced management teams. We generally seek positions of significant influence with strong governance rights, as our team members and Senior Advisors often provide strategic support to portfolio companies and selectively serve in company roles.

Olympus Capital Asia pursues investments in the following industry segments:   

  • Renewable energy projects and services

  • Water Quality and treatment management

  • Solid and hazardous waste management

  • Energy efficiency products and services

  • Clean energy and infrastructure

  • Pollution control and prevention devices and services

  • Specialty materials and other clean technologies 

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"With the Olympus Capital partnership, our Company has become the leader in the small and medium hydropower industry through an eight-fold expansion to over 1,100MW since 2009. Olympus has added value in a number of key initiatives including the recruitment of CFO, development of the company’s expansion strategy, enhancement in acquisition underwriting and improvement in corporate reporting and governance. We are pleased to have Olympus Capital as our investor and partner."

- Xu Guosheng, Chairman and CEO of Zhaoheng Hydropower