Financial & Business Services

Financial & Business Services

Olympus Capital Asia has invested approximately one third of its capital in the Financial & Business Services sector since inception, with the first investment in this sector dating back to 1999. We have a long history and extensive industry experience, with all of our senior executives having worked on Financial Services investments and in some cases with experience pre-dating Olympus. Over the course of our history, we have developed in-depth sector knowledge and a wide ranging network of industry contacts, including a number of Senior Advisors.

Olympus Capital Asia’s sector focused, regional platform is particularly well suited to financial and business services, where cross-border benchmarking and sharing can enhance strategic insights, best practices and technical expertise.

We have invested in areas including consumer banking, portfolio debt management, investment management, business process outsourcing and specialty insurance, amongst others. For a selected listing our Financial & Business Services investments, please visit Investments.

For potential opportunities to partner with us in the Financial & Business Services sector, please contact us.

"Olympus Capital has really focused on leveraging its senior level relationships for high impact introductions to potential customers. Even the Olympus partners who are not directly involved with Quatrro have gone out of their way to make senior referrals on our behalf."

- Raman Roy, Chairman and CEO of Quatrro Global Services

"Olympus Capital was one of the founding investors of Tokyo-based Mediatti Communications Inc. From the beginning, they were actively involved in the company's strategic development and M&A activities as Mediatti gained stature as a leading multisystem operator (MSO) platform. They also brought in Liberty Global International as an important strategic partner who helped bring international best practices to the company. I found Olympus Capital's team to be extremely professional and highly adaptable at operating in a multi-cultural environment, something that's critical in a very local business such as ours."

- Ken Masunaga, CEO, Mediatti Communications Inc.