Investment Approach

Focusing on the Middle Market in Asia

  • Olympus Capital Asia targets mid-sized investments (on average from $25 million to $200 million+).
  • Our portfolio companies generally range between $100 million and $2 billion in revenues. 

Leveraging Our Sector Expertise and Regional Platform

  • Our industry expertise, leveraged across our regional Asia platform, allows us to create a differentiated value proposition for potential target companies. We have built up significant industry knowledge and relationships in several sectors, including financial services, environmental services, business services, healthcare and renewable energy, gained from over two decades of private equity investing experience.
  • We have local teams and Senior Advisors including industry specialists in China, India, Japan, and the U.S., enabling us to source deals, complete due diligence and execute post-investment business plans on a local level.
  • We are one of a handful of independent middle market private equity managers in Asia that operates successfully on an integrated, regional basis with a long and successful track record of working with management teams to build companies.

Partnering with Portfolio Companies to Add Tangible Value

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  • Olympus Capital Asia is committed to adding value to our investments by actively working alongside our portfolio companies as their partner and helping them to secure long-term, sustainable growth.  Our long- term focus on our key industry sectors allows us to work closely with prospective management teams and partners to identify and address their unique needs.
  • Olympus senior partners spend a significant amount of time post-investment working closely with the management of our portfolio companies to assist them in achieving their goals.  We have structured our business to ensure that our experienced senior partners have the time to devote to working with our portfolio companies.  We purposely limit the number of Boards on which each of our partners will participate.

Recognizing Social Responsibility 

For over 20 years, Olympus Capital Asia has partnered with leading Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and adhered to ESG best practices.

Many of our portfolio companies have received numerous awards for social responsibility initiatives. These portfolio companies span a diverse range of sectors including healthcare, logistics, micro-lending, and renewable energy. A summary of highlights can be found here.

For Potential Portfolio Companies 

We welcome inquires from and introductions to prospective portfolio companies that fit our investment criteria. We are happy to facilitate discussions between potential business partners and CEOs and owners with whom we have worked. We hold confidentiality in the highest regard.  Please contact us.