Partnering with Olympus Capital Asia

Partnering with Olympus Capital Asia

For Prospective Business Partners and Management Teams - Why Partner With Olympus Capital Asia?

Focused Approach to Adding Value, with a Highly Experienced Team

  • Olympus Capital Asia is independent and solely focused on maximizing shareholder value. We are thus positioned to be an objective, high quality partner to management teams and owners in making major strategic decisions.
  • Our sector focus propels us to work with management teams to add value in a targeted manner, based on their unique needs. We seek to generate returns through fundamental growth rather than financial engineering.
  • Our investment professionals have long and distinguished track records within our core verticals. Our seasoned Senior Advisors include public company CEOs, senior level industry operators and veterans and experienced investors.
  • We have built a strong track record in multi-market/cross-border businesses where Olympus Capital Asia helped its portfolio companies expand their business beyond their home market either through strategic alliances and/or acquisitions.

Access to Significant Resources For Middle Market Companies

  • We have access to substantial resources to add value to our portfolio companies, including decades of wide ranging experience and a strong and deep network of relationships with industry experts, financial partners, transaction advisors, customers, suppliers and others.

Partnership-Based Approach to Working with Portfolio Companies

  • We strive to be a dedicated partner to high quality management teams and to complement their skills with the resources we bring and the experience and insights of our Senior Advisors.
  • Before investing, we listen carefully to the goals and concerns of the management team to ensure that there is genuine agreement on the business plan and expectations around value creation and exit.
  • We have structured our business to ensure that our experienced senior partners have the time to devote to working with our portfolio companies after investment. We purposely limit the number of Boards on which each of our partners will participate.
  • We seek to ensure that the management teams of our portfolio companies have the appropriate equity incentive compensation plans to maximize alignment with shareholders.

Proven Track Record of Success Over 20 Years

  • Over 20 years, we have delivered remarkable continuity in our senior investment team, which is highly unusual in Asian private equity, thus enabling our portfolio companies to have continuous, dedicated and senior level attention from Olympus.
  • Our focused approach and longstanding experience within our key verticals, throughout multiple economic cycles, has generated consistent, strong and quantifiable results.

For Potential Portfolio Companies

We welcome inquires from and introductions to prospective portfolio companies that fit our investment criteria. We are happy to facilitate discussions between potential business partners and the CEOs and owners with whom we have worked. We hold confidentiality in the highest regard. Please contact us by using ourĀ contact form.