Investment Professionals

Investment Professionals

Olympus Capital Asia has a highly seasoned team of investment professionals originating and executing transactions on the ground in Asia.   We have one of the most stable and experienced senior teams in Asian private equity, with our nine Managing Directors having worked together at the firm for an average of 13 years.  Collectively, our Managing Directors have over 175 years of commercial experience, primarily in private equity, banking and managing companies in Asia.  

Our successful track record of 17 years as an independent, owner-operated firm with a consistent focus is highly unusual in the Asian private equity industry and strengthens our ability to be dedicated partners to portfolio companies and work effectively with them across a regional platform.

    Managing Directors

    • Daniel R. Mintz | Managing Director
    • Lawrence S. Miao | Managing Director
    • Frederick J. Long | Managing Director
    • David T. Shen | Managing Director
    • Edan Lee | Managing Director
    • Gaurav Malik | Managing Director
    • Peter E. Cimmet | Managing Director
    • Alex Lui | Managing Director
    • Zhongmin Shen | Managing Director
    • Calvin Xu | Managing Director
    • Jeffrey E. Glat | Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

    Executive Directors

    • Chin Kim | Executive Director
    • Daniel Ng | Executive Director
    • Himraj Dang | Executive Director
    • Sumit Kumar | Executive Director
    • Koh Matsushita | Non-Executive Chairman, Japan


    • Vikram Beniwal | Director
    • Stephen Dai | Director
    • Michael Gong | Director
    • Michael Yip | Director of Investor Relations
    • Nikita Bear | Director of Marketing

    Vice Presidents

    • Pankaj Ghai | Vice President
    • Allen Hu | Vice President
    • Navneet Kaur | Vice President
    • YC (Eric) Lui | Vice President
    • Rahul Mukim | Vice President